Become Ocean

             In this game concept, the player will be playing as a Space Whale traveling in the vast universe. He is a living relic spaceship from the ruins of a super-civilization, and he has been carrying the DNA (gene seeds) of plants, animals, and human beings. He is trying to find a new home in which the gene seeds may be released and the species reborn. The player will fly through the constellations and stars, dodging meteoroids, escaping from black holes, etc., and eventually find Earth before he loses all his memories to the vacuum of space. The Space Whale has the ability to communicate with planets and learn their history. He may meet other alien lifeforms during his journey to Earth.  

“I have been traveling for so long that I have forgotten my name. That’s OK, but I am afraid to forget my purpose, why I am here, and why I am alive.”

“The starlight we see has traveled across the oceans of time and space to reach our eyes long after the stars themselves passed away.”

Inspired by Pale Blue Dot by Carl SaganĀ