Art Projects

Become Ocean (2018)

Lament for Phoenix (2018)

Spellcasters (2020)

Project Description:
Paper Draft: link
Summit to  2021 International Serious Play Awards

A multiplayer VR serious games lead by Prof. Michael John at UC Santa Cruz, as a physical therapy tool for stroke patients, who will be able to use gestures with the magic wand to re-learn basic movements.
Contribution: Art Director, Producer, Researcher

Cookie Mania (2020)

Cookie Mania
Project Description:

Published on  International Conference on Serious Games

To help increase understanding of internet cookies and address these issues, we have developed a serious game called Cookie Mania. Our game aims to develop knowledge of internet cookies and related ethical issues through an interactive narrative, as well as foster additional engagement through cookie-focused minigames. 
Contribution: 2D Artist
Serious Game